Histology Innovation with Real Application

About the HistoPress

The HistoPress was created by a Histotechnician that has been in the industry for 27 years. The past 15 years the founder had been using a handcrafted “tool” for embedding to assist in flattening tissue in the embedding mold that was not “hot” to touch when held or did not need the assistance of tweezers. Many histologists over the years that visited the laboratory always had noticed this device and inquired about where to purchase one. Since it was handcrafted it was not available to the open market.

After many years of fellow histologists mentioning the uniqueness of this tool, the HistoPress was redesigned and manufactured. The HistoPress is designed and patented to work effectively and easily for flattening tissue in the embedding mold. The technologically advanced shaft that stays cool and unique base that stays hot, will enable other histology labs to have the same efficient product at their embedding stations.